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2016 Summer Concert Dates

Our 2016 Summer Concerts Have Been Announced!  Mark Your Calendars…


87 students performing, representing the following schools:

  • East Garner ElementaryIMG_2267
  • Walnut Creek Elementary
  • Poe Magnet Elementary
  • PAVE Academy

When:  Friday, July 15th at 1:30pm

Where:  East Garner Elementary School



109 students performing, representing the following schools:

  • Brogden Middle School
  • Burton Elementary
  • Cairo American College (Cairo, Egypt)IMG_2254
  • Carington Middle School
  • City of Medicine Academy
  • Club Boulevard Elementary
  • Creekside Elementary
  • Durham School of the Arts
  • Durham Performance Learning Center
  • E.K. Powe Elementary
  • Eastway Elementary
  • Eno Valley Elementary
  • Glenn Elementary
  • Holt Elementary
  • Lake Myra Elementary
  • Lakewood
  • Little River School
  • Lowes Grove
  • Lucas Middle School
  • Maureen Joy Charter School
  • Neal Middle School
  • New HopeIMG_2321
  • Orange Charter School
  • Pearsontown
  • RN Harris
  • Sandy Ridge
  • The School for Creative Studies
  • Y.E. Smith

When:  Friday, July 28th at 2pm

Where:  Club Boulevard Elementary School

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