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Art + Activism Fundraiser

As a prelude to our launch next weekend, Kidznotes is pleased to announce a concert and fundraiser Friday the 27th at the Moorhead Planetarium and Science Center on 250 E. Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. The concert features music by Lila and OneBeat, and spoken word poetry from Sacrificial Poets who are also an activism partner for the night. The event is 8-10pm and tickets are $7 at the door, with proceeds going to Kidznotes and Sacrificial Poets.

The Arts + Activism festival is sponsored by Durham-based The Art of Cool Project and Artvsm, a project of Durham native  and Kidznotes board member Pierce Freelon. Freelon his project saying, “Artvsm combines art and activism by any medium necessary.”

For more information on the festival, and where to see more performances, visit the Art of Cool website:

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