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Cell’n Out

It’s Saturday in East Durham!  And that means that our 190 Kidznotes Durham students and their families gather at the Holton Career and Resource Center for joined orchestra, choir, and rhythm rehearsals. Saturdays are also special because Kidznotes often hosts guest artists from area high schools, universities, professional orchestras, and Kidznotes faculty ensembles.

Last Saturday, our cello teacher Marc Moskovitz brought his cello quartet, “Cello Forum”, to perform and give an educational demonstration to Kidznotes students.

Besides Mr. Marc, the cello forum includes North Carolina Symphony cellists Peng Li, David Meyer, and Nathaniel Yaffe. Playing local recitals since fall 2013, this visit was their first educational program. The Forum had a great time working with the kids and look forward to more opportunities working with students in the future.

They performed some very exciting pieces including some Bartok folksongs, a Jazz-influenced piece by Piazzolla, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Kidznotes “Mozart” students, who are beginner violinists, were eager to hear and learn about cellos. Watch these video clips to see Mr. Marc and the Cello Forum interact with the kids!




Mr. Marc is a prime example of the talented and passionate Kidznotes faculty, and one that has a special ability to captivate and connect with his students. Mr. Marc is able to engage our more advanced, “Beethoven” cello students, which include 5 boys ages 9-11, with a power of authority bordering on magical power. Every now and then, you will hear a stream of shouting coming from the cello room, always followed by a burst of laughter from students. His laid back, personable, and kind-hearted nature creates strong camaraderie within the Kidznotes cello studio.

Sorry to break it to you, Mr. Marc, but your “Brahms” cello students have discovered your skittle stash!

marcMarc Moskovitz has been a dedicated and valuable teacher at Kidznotes since September 2012. After receiving his doctorate in cello from Indiana University, Marc performed and taught in Germany, Virginia, Ohio and Boston with prestigious ensembles such as the Boston Pops, the Toledo Trio, and the ProMusica Chamber Ensemble among others.

-Ellye Walsh, Program and Grants Assistant

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