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Classical Music is Everyone’s Music

Classical Music is Everyone's Music

This Saturday night, if you happen to stroll through Meymandi Concert Hall in downtown Raleigh, you won’t be surprised by the affluent symphony crowd. The suits and dresses are par for the course. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see some unexpected faces — Kidznotes students and their families.


Their entry ticket? A partnership with the North Carolina Symphony, which is on a mission to provide statewide music education to youth because, as we’ve known for years, music is scientifically proven to develop the brain. This partnership provides Kidznotes students access to Symphony tickets, mentorship and exposure.


Bonnie Thron, the principal cellist for the Symphony, has been involved with Kidznotes for several years. She’s had the privilege of watching our kids develop into blossoming musicians through this partnership, many of whom have expressed the desire to continue their musical training into their adult lives.

“Classical music is everyone’s music,” Bonnie says. “Any assistance that can be given to Kidznotes, which is leading the way, is an investment in our future. We see these young musicians getting better every year, and I hope that we will see them on college campuses, in our audiences and maybe as future stand partners!”


So, yeah, the tickets are cool, but not as cool as what the future holds for these kids. Saturday night, they’ll be the Symphony’s pre-concert performing act and get the opportunity to shake hands with world-renowned music director and conductor Grant Llewellyn. It’s only a matter of time before Bonnie’s hope becomes reality, when Kidznotes graduates begin joining the ranks of the North Carolina Symphony.


Our students may come from different backgrounds than the archetypal classical musician, but thanks to the power of music, they have an opportunity to break from what’s expected of them, to change the trajectory of their lives, to experience everyone’s music.

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