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Program Registration Form for SY22-23


  • Registration and Re-enrollment for SY 22-23 is currently open NOW for RETURNING STUDENTS and OLDER BEGINNERS.
  • Registration for New Recruits will begin in August.
  • The Kidznotes Program is FREE to students attending Title I Schools in Durham County and Wake County. There is priority seating for students and families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.
  • The Program operates in both the fall and spring semesters. Enrollment is for the full school year; we do not accept new students mid-year.
  • If a family has more than one student participating in the program, they must complete an enrollment form for each student.


  • Older Beginners: Students in 3rd – 5th grade who have never played an instrument before or participated in the Kidznotes Program. 
  • Outside Recruitment: Students who have not participated in the program before, but have at least two (2) years’ experience playing an instrument and/or participating in the orchestra or band program at their base schools. These students will be specifically recruited to fill in the gaps in our ensembles. Registration for these students will take place in mid-late August 2022.
  • Choir: Beginning Fall semester 2022, Kidznotes will reintroduce vocal music instruction back to the Program with more intentionality and engagement than ever. General music theory as well as voice/choir elements will be introduced. Participation in Choir is optional*, offered as an elective. 

* Students will be required to take either Choir or General Music.


  • The Mozart Program is specially crafted for students in K-2nd grade and occurs only at Kidznotes Partner Schools.
  • Mozarts Program registration will ONLY happen Fall semester, September 19 – 30, 2022.
  • Students must be recommended for the Mozart Program by the General Music Teacher at their base school.
  • If your student was registered for Mozarts in 2021-22, but class didn’t happen at your student’s school, your family will receive priority Mozarts registration status for 2022-23, or our new Older Beginners Program.


  • FIRST DAY OF PROGRAM FOR SY 22-23: Monday, October 11th.
  • WEEKLY SCHEDULE: The program operates Monday – Thursday.
  • DAILY SCHEDULE: Classes are 4:30 – 5:20 pm and 5:30 – 6:20 pm.
  • ARRIVAL: Upon arrival to the nucleo, students receive a snack and participate in homework/tutoring, art, enrichment activities, and recess.
  • DISMISSAL: Pick-up begins at 6:30 pm.

    Program Registration Form for SY22-23


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