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Through the support of the Brady Education Foundation, Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute is undertaking a four-year evaluation of the effects of Kidznotes’ programming on youth processes and outcomes in social emotional development and executive function, which are associated with longer-term academic success.

The study will implement original data collection with Kidznotes’ youngest participants – kindergarteners and first graders – and their teachers.

The investigative team will work with program leadership to integrate aspects of this evaluation into regular program processes, and it will aim to develop resources for other similar programs.

This robust, scientific, and thorough evaluation will provide Kidznotes with the hard data needed to create the partnerships that will allow us to change even more lives through ever-expanding participation in youth orchestras, bands, and choirs.

In order for Kidznotes to fully experience the benefits of this remarkable evaluation, we need to continue to grow.

Please consider donating in a meaningful way for our students.

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