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Friendship, Hard Work, and HAPPY!

At this year’s Kidznotes Durham summer camp I was an intern and for my internship I was writing blogs about what was going on during the summer camp.  I chose to write my first blog about the Beethovens choir learning the cup song because the kids were really excited about performing the song.

photo4I also worked with the Mozart’s recorders and every day when I would walk into the classroom the kids would already have their recorders out practicing the songs they had learned in the previous class. Each student was able to earn a white, green, and orange belt. In order to earn each belt the kids would have to play each song correctly. Most students earned their up to their orange belts.

I would sit with all the kids during recess. Somehow I always ended up being in charge of the four square games when it was time for recess. If the kids were arguing about a play that just happened, they would always look at me and just to make it easy on me I would have them start over which always seemed to work out for myself and the kids.

My last blog during the summer camp was an overview of what had been going on during the three weeks of summer camp and I have to say that was my favorite blog to write because everything that happened during the three weeks of camp were fun and enjoyable. My overall favorite part of the summer camp was during the concert, at the end of camp, with all the kids performing “Happy” by Pharrell and being onstage performing with them, even though I said I would not, I still got on stage and sung along with the kids and other volunteers. The kids really enjoyed “Happy”
and I did too.

DSCN4786Overall Kidznotes Durham summer camp was fun. By me being apart of Kidznotes I was able improved my communication skills even though it was just a little bit but every step taken counts. I was able to actually meet new people and I was not as shy as I usually am. I was around people who were funny and talked to everyone.

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