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How Do You Measure Impact?

ApplicationPhoto by Ken Demery


In today’s world, measuring success or impact is centered on metrics. How many “x,” how much “y,” has your organization reached “z” goal?

At Kidznotes, we know that numbers matter. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to share that in the last five years, we’ve impacted 491 kids, received 250 instrument donations, employed 72 teaching artists, launched eight school sites in two cities and raised a total of $2.4 million.

We believe in the power of the data. But to us, the intangible impact matters just as much. You can’t put a numerical value on a Mozart student sharing that he feels more joyful at Kidznotes than anywhere else. It would be challenging to verify the exuberance that a teaching artist feels when she watches her students delicately take out their violins and begin to play a scale. To us, these descriptions of program impact are just as real as a number.

We’re here to change the life trajectory of students through orchestral training. And we’re doing that through the number of students we’ve impacted and the amount of money that has been generously entrusted to our mission. In the next two years, we hope to increase the number of kids we serve to 600, add four new partner school sites in Raleigh (total of 12 sites in the Triangle) and add 13 new teaching artists to our program.

Our focus is as much on striving to reach our numbers goals as it is on bringing immeasurable joy to our students. We want to continue fostering incredible relationships between teaching artists and students. And we want to continue creating an environment where our Kidznotes community feels empowered to change the world.

Dare to dream with us. Become a member of our family and continue to grow this impact exponentially. Come see our kids live at our 5th Annual Kidznotes Benefit on Friday, April 17. Once you see our mission in action, you’ll never want to leave!


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