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Kidznotes and Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute



Improving an Already Successful Program: Kidznotes Partners with Duke’s Social Science Research Institute

Music training helps children achieve more in school, and is often associated is with other social, economic and emotional sperling_headshot_2advantages. For the 330 children enrolled in Durham and Wake public schools participating in Kidznotes this past year, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of the benefit of music training.

Now, through a recent partnership with the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) at Duke University, Kidznotes is taking steps to understand these successes in a strategic way that can benefit future programming.

The partnership with SSRI will evaluate the successes of the program, and offer insight into ways it can improve further. The broad aim is to better understand Kidznotes’ effect on program participants and their families.

Though still early into the first year of the partnership, both SSRI and Kidznotes anticipate it will be a multi-year collaboration.

“It’s an exciting partnership,” said Jessica Sperling, Manager of Evaluation and Engagement at SSRI. “It’s a great program, and we know its accomplishing good things for the community. We just want to understand what and how and why a bit more, so they can take more steps forward with their programming.”


Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) Overview

SSRI brings together researchers with interests in problems that cross the various social and behavioral sciences, including problems that connect with the humanities and natural sciences. We promote multidisciplinary collaboration among such scholars as they work on important social issues that are challenging to address fully from within any given discipline.

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