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Kidznotes at Duke University Chapel

duke-chapel2 On Sunday Feb. 9th 2014 at 11:00 AM, the Beethoven Ensemble and the Brahms Band were invited to participate in the Sunday morning service and combined forces with the Duke University Chapel Choir to lead worship in Duke University Chapel. The kids braved the gothic majesty of the Chapel, with its stained glass windows, three organs, and distinct acoustic. The Brahms Band, under the direction of Mr. Oakley Lyon, had the pleasure of playing the Introit for which they performed Dominance, a piece by Matt Conway. During Communion, the Beethoven Ensemble, directed by Mr. Rashad Hayward, played an excerpt of Jean Sibelius’ symphonic poem Finlandia to which the Chapel Choir and congregation sang the words of the hymn “This is my song.” In addition to playing their instruments, the members of the Beethoven Ensemble and Brahms Band also had the opportunity to sing! Under the direction of Dr. Rodney Wynkoop and in conjunction with the Chapel Choir, they sang an arrangement of Da Pacem Domine by Ms. Jihyun Park as well as Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory’s Hope for Resolution.

Needless to say, the service went without a hitch. This was doubtless because of all the hard work that went into the preparation of these pieces and the logistics of the service itself. In the end, all players played beautifully in the distinct acoustic of Duke University Chapel. The voices of the singers soared to reach the ears of the congregants seated all over the chancel. At various points throughout the service, the congregation broke out in applause for the efforts of the kids! It truly was a great opportunity for the kids!


duke-chapel1For me this was an especially poignant service. I’ve been singing with the Duke University Chapel Choir for four years now and have worked with Kidznotes since August of 2013. To see both of these groups performing together was a gift that I will treasure beyond words. During the recessional, the Chapel Choir and Kidznotes walked in threes: Two Chapel Choir members and in between them, a Kidznotes player. This was a powerful image that emphasized the unifying power of music.

~ Mark Kagika, Duke Chapel Pathways Fellow and Kidznotes Intern





Take a look at the bulletin from the service here:

Full Video of the Service:

Band prelude, “Dominance” at 9:50
Choir sings “Da pacem domine” at 22:15
Katie Wyatt speaks at 50:20
Choir sings “Hope for Resolution” at 53 minutes
Orchestra plays behind “This is my song” at 1:12:15
Recessional at 1:19:00

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