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Kidznotes 2020: Our Vision for the Future

Kidznotes is a system of youth orchestras that harnesses the collective pursuit of musical excellence to unleash the full potential of children in under-resourced communities and schools. Our vision is to enroll 870 musicians by the 2020-21 school year, in a thriving and diverse network where music energizes limitless social change.

The Kidznotes 2020 project will put instruments in the hands of 200 new musicians over each of the next three years, providing them with an opportunity to thrive.

In the 2020-21 school year, we will witness the following:

10th Anniversary

Kidznotes celebrates a decade of changing lives that would not have been possible without faithful donors who have cheered on and supported our students every step of the way.

First Graduates

After hundreds of hours of hard work and rigorous instruction, our oldest cohort of students graduate from high school and complete the first phase of their time with Kidznotes.

Duke University Study

Receive preliminary data from our ground-breaking randomized control evaluation with Duke University.

Flagship Nucleo

Site selection for a flagship nucleo, where administrative offices and program delivery thrive under one roof, and a building serves as a beacon for students across the state.

New Partnerships

Official partnerships with a new regional community, where we will eventually serve as deeply as we do in the Triangle.


Kenan Charitable Trust
Mead Family Foundation
Noel Family Foundation
Pate Family Foundation
Steve and BJ Suttle

Together We Will Change Lives!

Kidznotes 2020 requires multi-year investment and we are counting on you! Please consider making a gift and supporting in a meaningful way for our students.

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