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Learning About Lin

I met a lot of people during the Kidznotes summer camp. I learned a lot about the teachers, volunteers, and students. Lin Ong is a teacher at Kidznotes and I met her because we have the same interests in music, we both like percussion. She enjoys playing various percussion pieces with different percussion instruments such as marimba.

20140731_140224Percussion is not just drums. Anything that you have to hit to create a musical sound is considered percussion. Piano, Marimba, xylophone, and cymbals are the instruments that people usually think aren’t percussion related. Lin’s favorite instrument is the marimba. The marimba is one of the most complicated instruments to learn to play especially for me. One of the most fun pieces Lin had to perform was called Prism Rhapsody, throughout the piece she had to hold up to 6 mallets at one time and play. Marimba is really complicated for me because it’s not like piano where you can just use all of your fingers to play multiple keys. With marimba you have a mallet in each hand that can only hit one key at a time, so when you’re playing 16th notes you have to move your arms really fast.

Percussion is not the only instrument Lin is talented at playing. When she was three years old she started playing violin for two years. When she was in middle school she learned to play piano. She hasn’t lost any of her knowledge in those instruments since she took those classes. As a freshman in college at UNC she took an introduction to strings class that helped remind her of what it was like to be a beginner. Taking the class helped her to be the musician and educator she is today.

The main thing that we have in common is that we both played snare drum for our high school. She said that being in the marching band is hard work and team work; you have to have a strong work ethic and have fun in the end. She brings those skills she has to Kidznotes because she loves working in the community.

Listening to music is a hobby for majority of people, but especially musicians. Lin enjoys listening to a lot of different composers and genres. Motown, old funk, soul, and instrumental hip hop are some of her favorite genres. Her favorite band is The Beatles and she said she will always listen to them because she likes their classic rock style of music. “Happy” is also one of her favorite songs since it always brings back memories of the last day of Kidznotes summer camp.

Lin is also an excellent teacher. Every day at camp I would see her giving advice, tips and teaching kids that needed help with their instruments. Her favorite part about teaching is getting kids excited about learning new things. She also helps teach seniors at UNC. Kidznotes is a very important place to her because it’s a group of really passionate and talented teachers coming together for something they really believe in. She gets to experience the artistic aspect of herself that she doesn’t get at her daily job.

Lin’s favorite part about Kidznotes is using classical music for positive behavior. Classical music was a big part of her life when she was growing up and helped develop how she is today. She thinks that all kids should want to play music because music helps people become better-rounded. I really enjoyed having a lot of interesting conversations with Lin throughout camp, she shared a lot about herself with me and we both shared our interests with each other.

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