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Meet DJ

Three years ago, without asking his permission, the Blowes enrolled their son DJ into Kidznotes. Now, DJ is a 6th grader at Brogden Middle School, the 3rd chair violinist in the Kidznotes Beethoven Ensemble, and a bright future ahead of him.

DJ’s dad, Donnell Blowe Sr. says of his son, “Never in a million years would I have believed that a violin would be the key to unlocking DJ’s future.” At the same age, Blowe was in the same school here in Durham and if you had asked him to draw the ideal image of his son, he would have put a basketball in his hand, not a violin. “Yet he takes this violin and makes magic,” says Blowe, “His eyes shine bright and he looks at me and says, simply, ‘Dad, this is my favorite thing to do.'”

We are so luck to have the Blowes as part of our Kidznotes family. They shared more of their story on ABC-11 Heart of Carolina Perspectives earlier this month:

If you are as proud of the potential music brings DJ as we are, please consider making a gift to Kidznotes before the end of this year. It will help continue to put instruments, care, instruction and inspiration into the hands of children in our community who need it the most.

Thank You!

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