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Mozart Violin Master Class

A master class is a class, especially in music, given by an expert to highly talented students. We want to make this a special learning opportunity for Mozart students and their parents. This class serves as a short private lesson to be observed by parents to learn about your child’s progress on the violin and how to help them practice at home.

Please note your child’s master class to your calendar!!

If you are unable to attend and need to reschedule, please let us know ahead of time.

February 6

10:00-10:45- Jaden, Andia, Haja

10:45-11:30- Kiara, Neysha, Alexandria, Valentina

February 13

10:00-10:45- Leilani, Justine, Kinnadi, Haileigh

10:45-11:30- Marely, Isabella, Israel, Nancy

February 20

10:00-10:45-  Ah’Dai, Madison J, Lauren, Erica

10:45-11:30- Madyson, Sloane, Mycah

February 27

10:00-10:45- Rosmely, Kimberly, Miriam, Christian

10:45-11:30- Advay, Haven, Ethan, Christopher

March 5

10:00-10:45- Raisa, Andres, Marrysah, Gladys

10:45-11:30- Tyler, Rhyan, Addison

March 12

10:00-10:45- Robby, Johnny, Briana

10:45-11:30- Ronaldo, Ximena, Jacob, Bianca

The master class will take place during regular rehearsal time on Saturdays. Please, bring your child to rehearsal as scheduled at 9:00 am. Your child will be pulled from regular rehearsal for the master class, be sure to remember and attend as a parent!



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