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Volunteer Expectations & Contract

We are so pleased that you have decided to give your time and energy to help Kidznotes. Our students and staff will benefit immensely from your help and knowledge, thank you!

Kidznotes is an after school classical, orchestral training program serving students beginning in kindergarten in Durham and Raleigh. The program is inspired by El Sistema, the Venezuelan national system of youth orchestras created by Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu.  In Abreu’s view, musical training can help to overcome the disadvantages of poverty and inequality, not merely by developing otherwise-untapped intellectual potential for success in school, but by unlocking and instilling the self-confidence to succeed.

The mission statement is “Kidznotes transforms the lives of underserved children through classical, orchestral music training beginning in early childhood to combat poverty, strengthen inner-city education, and foster positive decision-making to unlock the world”.   We expect volunteers to keep this mission at the forefront of the work they do as volunteers. We have six core values which inform everyone from our board, staff, and volunteers about how we can accomplish the work set out in our mission.

Excellencein everything that we do

Nurturingjoy and a love of music

Empowermentof diverse and underserved children, families, and communities

Transformation – of lives and communities

Commitment to each other and the orchestra

Collaboration with each other and the world                                                         


The contact information for the Kidznotes office is:


The Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park

1309 Halley Street

Durham, NC 27707


Vandora Davis, Executive Assistant and Business Manager


Any questions about the program or your duties as a volunteer can be directed to:

Absences need to be excused, please contact:

Alexandra Plueckhan

Raleigh Operations Manager

(919) 353-6496

Expectations for Volunteers:

  • Sensitivity: Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, so please be sensitive of their different experiences and celebrate the differences they bring.
  • Commitment: Our students and their families make a tremendous commitment to our program. We hope you will honor that commitment by helping our teachers use their class time effectively and dedicate yourself to one semester of volunteering at Kidznotes.
  • Excellence: We expect excellence from our students and in turn from our staff and volunteers. As you help our students achieve their very best, make sure you are giving the best you can offer.
  • Safety: Kidznotes seeks to provide a safe, happy environment for our students. Please report any behavioral issues or accidents to a staff member.
  • Supervision: Students are not permitted to leave the classroom without Kidznotes supervision, please help our faculty by accompanying students to classes, restroom visits, and other breaks between classes.
  • Confidentiality: Volunteers are asked to respect the privacy of students and not discuss student details outside of Kidznotes. This is especially important should any case of abuse or neglect come to light during Kidznotes hours.
  • Conduct and Professionalism: Volunteers are held to the same standards as staff members of Kidznotes. Please remember that volunteers are also role models for our students and conduct yourself in a professional manner while working with students.
  • Cell Phones: Please refrain from using or checking cellular phones and other technology while assisting in a classroom.
  • Inclement Weather: If DPS or WCPSS are closed due to weather, Kidznotes will likewise not hold rehearsals.
  • Drugs and Alcohol: Using, possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during working hours is prohibited. Likewise, smoking or use of tobacco in the presence of children or parents during working hours is prohibited.
  • Weapons: Kidznotes adheres to DPS and WCPSS regulations on firearms and explosives which is a zero-tolerance policy regarding the possession of these items on DPS or WPCSS property.


Volunteer Contract


I acknowledge that I have read and understand the expectations of a Kidznotes volunteer.

I agree to uphold the core values of Kidznotes in everything that I do.

I agree to fulfill the one semester time requirement asked of Kidznotes volunteers.

I understand that cell phones are not to be used during classes or in front of students, unless in case of emergency.

I understand that safety is at the forefront of my work with Kidznotes students and will never allow students to leave the classroom unattended or enter into a potentially dangerous situation.

I understand that if at any time I fail to abide by the expectations for volunteers set down in this guide or set by DPS or WPCSS, I may be asked to not return.

I give permission to Kidznotes to use photographs and video of me during Kidznotes activities for any advertising and publicity purposes.


Name (please print)____________________________________________________________







Signature                                                                                      Date


Area of interest?_________________________________Instrument?________________________


Name of School or Location to volunteer________________________________________________


Days I agree to volunteer: ___________________________________________________________

Parent’s Phone # and Signature granting Permission to participate (if volunteer is under 18)




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