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Spreading Musical Knowledge

From the very first day I walked in to Kidznotes Summer Camp, it was an amazing experience. Being able to work with kids and share your knowledge of music with them is one of the most fun things you can do.

As one of the volunteers at the camp I had a great deal of responsibility. I had to clean up after kids, supervise them, teach them, and make friends with them too. It’s a lot of hard work to do all of that, especially when there are about 90 kids. I think that the camp has taught me a lot on how to be leader and a teacher.

What I really liked about the camp was that there was always something to do. You could help set up the cafeteria food if you had nothing to do, or go assist teachers in other classes. I always felt that my day was full of activities.

kidznotes camp July 2nd 2014 (5)Kidznotes is a very social environment where I made new friends with the kids, teachers, and other volunteers. I really enjoyed making friends with people that had the same interests in me. The band teacher and the percussion teachers were my favorite teachers to talk to because we had a lot in common. They would always tell me stories about when they were in high school and played in band, they even taught me how to play different things on the drums. I wasn’t just teaching the kids at the camp, I was learning as well. I would definitely recommend volunteering at this camp to some of my friends.

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