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Shana Tucker

Executive Director

Shana Tucker is a renowned cellist, singer-songwriter, and teaching artist who embodies the nonprofit’s mission to change lives and communities through the power of music.

Tucker is a proven leader and advocate whose work with A+ Schools of North Carolina, Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County, and Durham Arts Council has prepared her to offer keen insight into the organization’s core program. Tucker is a remarkable talent who has crisscrossed the globe performing her trademarked ChamberSoul. In between a breakout album and lengthy tenure as resident cellist and vocalist for Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ in Las Vegas, Tucker has advocated for future generations of music makers through outreach and engagement efforts with students of all ages.

Despite not having seen a cellist who looked like her until she reached her twenties, Tucker benefitted from an era when public school music programs were heavily funded, readily available, and robust—and never looked back. Tucker’s eagerness to advance Kidznotes’s philosophy of collaboration, inspiration, and change is evidenced by her quick smiles when discussing the opportunity. “As parents,” she says, “we see the impact music has on a child’s life, and how that transformative power spills out into the community.” She continues, “I’ve witnessed it in all phases of my life in a cycle: as a shy orchestra kid, touring musician, teaching artist, and now, as Executive Director of an organization that centers the power of music to enact change.” At Kidznotes, she is inspired by the opportunity to provide music education to students who need it most. Noting that, “Our work is holding space for future generations to create art in perpetuity, no matter who or what you decide to become professionally. You don’t have to be a musician for a living to be a musician for life.”

Image Credits: HuthPhoto. Background mural by Julia Gartrell and Julienne Alexander, 2017.

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