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Stirring up Excitement with the “Cup Song”

DSCN4765My name is ChaKerya Garland and I am an intern at Kidznotes. I received this internship through my summer camp Student U. In my free time I love to sing and listen to music. Here at Kidznotes I am helping out in classrooms along with writing blog.

The children at Kidznotes each play a variation of instruments from flutes to drums to violins. Kidznotes also has a choir for their groups, the Brahms, Mozart, and Beethoven. In the choir the children are taught popular and suitable songs for their age. This summer the children are learning “The Cup Song” by Anna Kendrick from the movie Pitch Perfect and “Happy” by Pharrell.

Sometimes the students get distracted but it is expected because they are kids who sometimes may have a short attention span. But, the teachers do a great deal on hands on activities so the children will not lose interest in the class. Each day the teacher reviews what the previously learned in class whether it is something the students learned last summer or something they learned a few days ago. To prepare the students to sing the teachers do stretches and vocal exercises.DSCN4778

Watching the students learn the songs they stay active and pay attention. When watching the kids actually practice the cup song you are able to see the excitement on their faces. As soon as the kids enter the class they are ready and excited to do the cup song. The Beethoven choir students are students who are always excited to do on hand activities and always full of energy.

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