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From Facebook

Andrea Cherry reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Roman Placzek reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Myra Jean reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Liz Fragoso reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Stephanie Short Toomer reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Katherine Arnott-maheu reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Glenn Thomas reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Mari Mendez reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Sam Marion reviewed Kidznotes.
Tonika Wilson reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Carlos Eduardo Oviedo Chaves reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Sean Frye reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Joy Ingallinera reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Metis Meloche reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Eliza Palacios reviewed Kidznotes — 4 star
Marshall Winston reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Chabelo Garcia reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Citlalli Vejar reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star
Jaki Acosta reviewed Kidznotes — 5 star

From Our Donors

“Before I retired, I taught Dance next to the classroom at Club Boulevard where Kidznotes held their afternoon classes. I became their photographer, and constructed a bulletin board with these children proudly holding their instruments. This bulletin board became a thing of pride for the Kidznotes children, an example of their accomplishments, and gave them a new confidence and standing within their peers. I witnessed these kids become stronger students and kind, responsible, appreciative arts participants. It is a donation that I will never stop because I have seen the fantastic results.”- Katherine Arnott-Maheu


“Two of our sons are making a living in New York City as musicians; part of the reason they have succeeded is because they had excellent elementary, middle school, and high school experiences with music; this is where they learned that talent alone isn’t enough: you have to work really hard! Even if students in Kidznotes don’t become professionals, the joy of music is a lifetime gift.”- Nancy Wells


“Heard some of your students play which exemplified the beauty if what you are doing.”- Evelyn Barrow


“I’ve donated to this program because I know how much I benefited from beginning early with violin lessons, initially through the Philadelphia school system, eventually with a private teacher. I still play in a community orchestra in Chapel Hill – the Chapel Hill Philharmonia – and couldn’t live without it at the ripe old age of 73.”- Harriet Solomon


“My mother inspired my love of music. She passed away in June and doing this in her memory is a real privilege. She would be pleased.”- KC Ramsey

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