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The Times (And instruments), They are a Changin’

As many of you know we have had many changes this year to Kidznotes: new staff, new locations, new look! I’m Oakley Lyon, the Kidznotes Site Coordinator and Librarian, a new position for me. I studied flute and conducting, and so part of my day at Kidznotes, I have the privilege to work with some fantastic students.

DSC_1015-1One change you may have noticed is this is the first year that Kidznotes has had a fully-realized band program. We have had woodwind and brass instruments playing in the Beethoven Orchestra in previous years, but this year is the first time we have enough students to form the Kidznotes Band.

During the summer camp 2013, we began the intermediate “Brahms” level to give Mozart students an opportunity to advance more in their instrument before joining the Beethovens, or to give those students a chance to try out another instrument.  Well, it went over like gangbusters! We started out with six flutes, three clarinets, two trumpets, two french horns, two euphonium, and four percussionists, the makings of what is now the Brahms Band. What a great start!

Though some students have switched back to their original instruments, we still have over a dozen band members from grades 1-5. These students have achieved awesome things so far this year. They have had guest artist come and play with them, played a full-length composition for the winter concert, and they get to work on a composition, “Domino,” which I have written especially for this group. What’s more, the Brham Band are going open the service at Duke Chapel this coming Sunday, filling the tower with their phenomenal sounds.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester as the band continues to progress and learn. There are a lot of great kids in the band, but I would love to have more switch during this year’s summer camp.


– Oakley Lyon

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