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What $20 can really get you

Recurring Monthly Donations


One of the biggest misperceptions around donating to nonprofits is that only the big gifts matter. Even though most nonprofits include some sort of every-cent-matters messaging in their campaigns, people who only have $15 or $20 to give at a time still feel like their donation doesn’t matter or that it’s less important. But to tell you the truth, a monthly recurring donation of $30 per month spread out over time can be more valuable to an organization than a one-time $1,000 donation.

Though the monthly donation totals to be $100 less than the $1,000 gift, it’s stable over time. The nonprofit can depend on it. It’s revenue that can be counted on over a period of time. That $1,000 donor may never give again, so an organization can’t rely on $1,000 coming in from somewhere else when it’s trying to put together its budget.

Let’s apply the idea of recurring monthly donations to Kidznotes, so you can see the tangible impact of consistent, smaller commitments. We’ll use an example of a donor who’s capable of giving $25 per month. After a year of making $25 donations, that donor will have given the equivalent of a new trumpet or flute to a Kidznotes kid.

Giving monthly can also help large donors increase their gift. Think about it. If a donor is gracious enough to make a one-time $2,500 donation, perhaps that donor is in the position to increase the gift by $140. In monthly terms, this equates to an additional $11.67 per month. Though that may not seem like a significant increase, it’s actually the difference between a partial and full annual scholarship for a Kidznotes student. Important to note is that the nonprofit must do a strong job communicating specific impact metrics so the donor can appreciate what an increase actually means.

Of course, any gift (one-time or recurring) is greatly appreciated. The takeaway here is that smaller monthly increments can make an increase more palatable and provide a nonprofit with budgetary consistency. Just as households have certain bills to pay every month, so do nonprofits. But nonprofits don’t typically have steady monthly revenue. One month may bring in four times as much as the next, which is why recurring monthly donations are so important, no matter the size.

If you’re interested in becoming a recurring monthly donor, please visit our Donate page and check the “Make This Recurring” option. Remember, your $25 monthly donation can turn into an instrument in just one year.

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